Uniquely identifiable products ensure the integrity of your supply chain, while delivering added value to your consumers.

Serialization of products

Every single one of your products gets its own digital identity. Perfectly traceable through the supply chain, and delivering premium, personalised customer experiences at points of sale or at home. Real-time and actionable data enables fast decision-making in your supply chain and marketing departments:

Every NFC tag has its own, unique ID code.  Linked to this code can be a set of attributes specific for this product, channel, territory, …:

  • Expiration dates 
  • Ingredients 
  • Customer service info 
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • ...

Another great feature of NFC is that the linked attribute can be updated after deployment in the market.

Brand Protection & levels of protection

NFC has built in security features so that the consumer can check if product is genuine on the retailers’ shelves and safe to buy and use.  A product will need to adhere to a set of rules before it is marked ‘genuine’ or ‘fake’.  These sets of rules can be defined per product.

E.g. when product X is checked in country Y between dates A and B it is marked safe & genuine.  But scanning a real product that is not expired in a wrong territory could trigger a warning, while scanning a wrong code or an expired product would result in an alert and is reported to the brand owner.


A specific type of NFC can be applied if refilling of original packaging is an issue.  This solution consists of a combination of physical and digital tamper evidence.  These solutions offer maximum security and certainty a product is genuine.  The brand protection rule sets can also be applied to these products.