Beer & Beverage

Highly efficient logistics & promotional techniques

Outstanding beer and beverage packaging

This highly competitive market is largely defined by a need forhighly efficient logistics. Combine that with creative packaging design and high-quality production, and your beer or beverage brand is sure to stand out. Here's how we make this work for you:

  • on-site automation services
    expert guidance and support for complete on-site packaging production suites – including machines, supplies, set-up and maintenance
  • optimal supply chain efficiency
    excellent relations with board suppliers, pan-European manufacturing footprint, VG Link: our supply chain management tool for upstream integration
  • promotional techniques that drive sales
    high-quality loyalty campaigns, unique coding, augmented reality, QR codes...
  • volumetric design for baskets, six packs...
    adapted to your specific bottles/production flows
  • highly creative design and print quality
    optimal brand value translation and differentiation
Outstanding beer and beverage packaging
Keeping your logistics fluent and free

Keeping your logistics fluent and free

The better you control these crucial parameters:

  • board delivery times
  • material prices
  • your supplier relationships
  • contract types

the better your supply chain – and, ultimately, your brand – performance.

At VGP, we offer you complete beer and beverage packaging services exactly how you need them: freely and fluently. We have decades of conversion and automation expertise ready to be applied to your brand.

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